Paranormal Ghost Tours Adventures and Beyond

Welcome to Ghosts Unlimited Paranormal Universe.
Our tours last around 90mins where you will learn about the dead, the burried, the hauntings, the spirits and the ghosts. We will take you down the lanes, down through haunted graveyards and into old ruins where the dead lurk in the shadows.
So as you walk the haunted streets, will you feel your spine tingling as you listen to tales of the dead? Will you hear the voices, the screams and the creaking of the rope? Listen carefully to your guide asĀ  he leads you deep into the night where the dead hide and the spirits walk the streets…

GU Confidential is a Ghost Event on a Personal Level. You will get the chance to work with the
paranormal team on a one to one basis and you will be in an active location.
You will investigate with the professionals including a Paranormal Investigator and A Spirit Senstive.
You will be guided around the location, told the history and some of haunting stories.
You will get the chance to use professional equipment and you be able to view the reports and photographs
from the evenings event!
This event is limited to a maximum of 12 people!

Special group events in a active location.
You will get to use specialied equipment, work with the paranormal team and spirit
sensitives and you will be able to explore the haunted grounds on your own,
in groups and with the paranormal team.

These are exciting events where you become the explorer and where you get the
chance to see how we do it is a team, completing evps,
using dowsing crystals, dowsing rods and much much more.

Our Ultimate Ghost Tour is a Tour With a Difference!

On this tour you will hear tales of the dead, the hauntings, the murders and about the bodies that are burried under the streets you walk today.
As we lead you down dark lanes, through haunted locations you will enter a active location where you will get the chance to use professional ghost hunting equipment and go in search of the dead!

So dare you walk the haunted tour and enter a active location?

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