Paranormal Ghost Tours Adventures and Beyond

Let Ghosts Unlimited take you on a journey through the haunted streets of some of the most haunted areas in the country.
We have Paranormal Ghost Tours, Paranormal Adventures & Supernatural Adventures in some of the most haunted locations the country has to offer!
On the tours you will learn about ghosts, spirits, hauntings, murders, hangings, brutal deaths and you will learn about some of the deep history some of Warwickshire towns has to offer.

Would you like to ghost hunt like the professionals?
Then why not join Ghosts Unlimited Paranormal Team on a Ghost Adventure or Supernatural Adventure.
Join our Spirit Sensitives, Paranormal Investigators and
other Crew Members on a night where you can
communicate with dead under the protection of professionals.

You will get the chance to use dowsing rods, evp’s. dowsing crystals,
laser lights, camera’s, emf’s,
white noise system and much much more…

Our New Adventure By Popular Demand.

Lets begin a whole new Ghost Adventure.

Dare you trust your guides as they lead
you to some haunted location, use equipment, communicate
through the power of crystal or perhaps even an EVP.
Hold each other hands as we lead you down
lonely streets, down dark alleys
into a location that is alive with the dead.

Let yourself begin the journey in Warwick Coventry or Stratford

Under 16’s Free Of Charge