Customer Comments

 Nicola  30th July 2016
We will certainly be booking further tours with you and recommending to friends and colleagues. Mathew and Andy are obviously very knowledgeable and  it was refreshing how real the tour was unlike many of the “hyped up” tours I have been on throughout the U.K. 
 Toby J 20th May 2017 Hi

My wife and I have returned home from the ghost tour tonight and thought it worth mentioning that we experienced something odd that we’ve not been able to explain:
My wife’s phone was vibrating intermittently roughly since the beginning of the tour, but not showing any notifications. We thought it could be ‘phantom notifications’ where you just think it’s happening, a modern phenomenon so I’m told, so we didn’t mention anything during the tour. We returned to the car, where my wife and I swapped phones and I held hers in my hand as we left the car park.. The phone vibrated in my hand, and not in a standard pattern; no notification, and the phone was right there in my hand . We continued to leave the town centre and the phone pulsed again. Then again. It was now almost constant, as if something that had attached itself to it, was now panicking that it was being forced from its home. There was no sign on the phone that anything was wrong, that anything technical was happening, low battery, Facebook, nothing. I reset the phone amidst the vibrations and it stopped. It’s not happened before and didn’t happen again on the way home. 
Thought it worth an email at least. 
Many thanks for a fascinating and spooky evening.
Jonathan H
5th May 2017 – Coventry
Very good, no gimmicks, nothing fake, very informative and a relaxed atmosphere. Would definitely recommend and would go again
 Mon, May 1, 2017 17:38, Warwick
Just wanted to say many, many thanks for a really enjoyable afternoon for my daughter.  The guys went to an awful lot of trouble and it was especially kind of them to buy a present and personalise the brochure.
Jean R
30th March 2017 · Leamington Spa
We went on your tour yesterday – I would just like to say your guide was very professional and we both enjoyed the tour, It was a pity some of the group left within the first 5 minutes – they didn’t give your guide a chance to explain and learn what the tour was all about – but it was there loss. Thanks once again I would recommend you.
Keeley C
11th February 2017 · Warwick
Hi we wnt to the Warwick tour last night, had a brilliant time to learn so much, great stories, looking forward to another one.

The staff were brilliant and had great knowledge of Warwick and were very funny.

Thanks Again.

Fiona D
21st March 2017 – Coventry
Thank you so much, it was very nice of Matthew to give us free tickets.  Can I say how professional your staff are.
Carissa K
30 October 2016 – Warwick
Had a great time at the ghost tour in warwick tonight. Definetly going to book another one
Carla D
31 January ·
thanks for a great evening last night – i have emailed the pictures directly to Matthew, originals and one’s i’ve circled the aparitions and angels, witches, one looks like the late David Bowie with the blue on his face….was next to the church….have a look. Cheers Carla – ps we had a great group of people last night.
Emma G
 17 April 2017 – Warwick  My mum and I attended the extended Warwick tour on 16th April and it was FANTASTIC!!!! After a previous unhappy experience with the Leamington tour I was issued free tickets as a goodwill gesture for the Warwick tour. Our tour guides Matthew and Andy were absolutely brilliant they definitely feed off each others energy which in turn makes the spirits more active. My mum and I also received a private message from a loved one who has recently passed which was really unexpected and emotional, Andy was brilliant in helping delivering this message to us.
We started off in St Nicolas church grave yard and we were able to use the dowsing rods and got brilliant results with them I didn’t get much from the emf detector but we then moved onto St Marys church yard where Andy conducted a sèance and got a “delightful” (yes that is supposed to be sarcastic) fellow come through. I also attracted a child ghost which kept spiking the emf which as I mentioned before hadn’t gone off at all. Overall a fantastic experience and I would encourage any one to go on the extended tour.
On a personal note I would like to thank Donna for her excellent customer service any issue I had was dealt quickly and efficiently she is a real credit to your company, finally a big thank you to Matthew and Andy you were both fab and kept the group engaged and interested. I look forward to another extended tour in the near future. X
Lyndsey H
20 February 2016 – Warwick
Great evening walking the streets of Warwick hearing historic and ghostly stories. Thanks
Charlotte K
 20 August 2015 · Warwick  Thanks so much for last night’s fantastic ghost tour around Warwick!
Rachel M
16 August 2015 – Warwick
Had a great time on the warwick tour last night..thanks


11 August 2017


Went on their Coventry Ghost Tour tonight and the team were really down to earth and fun. I learned a few bits about Coventry I didn’t know, and they didnt shy away from a fellow paranormal investigator like some teams do!
Cheers for the tour and the chats!
Hopefully see you again