Meet The Team

Welcome to Ghosts Unlimited Team.

Below is only a small part of our team, but we thought that these people who do all the face to face work are the ones that make the dead become alive are worthy of being mentioned.

Our Paranormal Investigators have been studying the paranormal for many many years and have their own theories behind some of the dead.

Some of our paranormal investigators are also spirit sensitives who are looking for the answers to the world of the dead and some of them do not believe in ghosts and spirits and are looking for proof that something exists on the other side.

Our Spirit Sensitives are people who can read the energy as they enter a room, a house, a building or just be able to read the energy around them.

They concentrate on the energy around you, around them, and where they are, they will be able to read the energy and in turn will be able to see and hear the spirits.

The spirits may approach them and tell the certain things and in turn they can get passed on to the living.

Our mediums are professional, friendly and very informative. They will be able to give you the information from relatives, loved ones or people who have just passed away.

We have several mediums who work with Ghosts Unlimited and you will often find that they all work together as a team.

  Our Tarot Readers have vast knowledge into the deck of the cards and their readings are very intuitive, informative and fascinating.

They will answer any questions for you and you will often find them working with our spirit sensitives, mediums and you will often find them on some of our tours as an added extra.

Our tour guides are professional individuals who posess a great knowledge of ghosts & spirits and many other subjects beyond.

You will find them helpful, friendly and very informative.

You will also find that some of our tour guides are Spirit Sensitive, Energy Readers, Taort Readers, Mediums and Paranormal Investigators.

If you would like to know more about your tour guide for the night then when you book your tour ask our team member and they will be able to tell you who is your guide for that night.