Paranormal Investigator Course

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Our Paranormal Investigation Course is a practical course at an active location.
On the course you will learn how we investigate a haunting, how to use speciailised equipment and how we record information.
It is a relaxed course lasting around 1/2 day in total. The course is divided into two main sections. The first section is where you learn about investigating, what equipment we use and how we use it. The second section is where you take what you have learnt and enter the an active location and put your skills to the test.Whilst you are on the course, the course leader will work closely with you, answer any questions that you may have and help you along the way.
There is a certificate at the end of the couse, so as long as you have completed both sections of the course, answered some multi choice questions and logically get the answers right! You will be on your way to investigate your own haunting.The course is for anyone who is interested in Spirits, Ghosts and the Paranormal, young or old…Some of the equipment you will learn to use includes EMF’s EVP’s White Noise Systems Laser Lights Non Contact Thermometers Camera’s and trigger objects. These are the main instruments that we use for our investigations and help us try and prove that there is a paranormal pressence.
NEXT COURSE: SEPTEMBER 2ND 2017 – Leamington Spa – 10:30am start
St Chads Centre, Leamington Spa, CV33 9QX
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Price(GBP): £89.00
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