Press Pack

  • Our story: It started around 18 months ago, when I got told to change direction. I listened and thought hard, and then changed direction to something that I have a great passion for. I have always seen the dead, spoken to them and listened to them. I want everyone to understand that talking to them is the norm. So from this vision Ghosts Unlimited was Born.
  • We know have 9 different tours, paranormal investigations where people can get involved in a real investigation
  • We have mediums, psychics, spirit sensitives, tarot readers, astrologers, paranormal investigators working with us.
  • Company facts: In 18 months we have come along way and now cover the Midlands and beyond. We have seen many thousands of people come to our tours and have gone away different people, or at least with a different point of view!
  • What makes us different: Our tours are factual based tours with real events that have happened and some of the events that you get tould about on our tours are actually events of what have happened to our guides, investigators and sometimes our guests.
  • New for 2017: A new brand for 2017 is being launched. Fantom Expression is going to be our specialist brand for our new exciting costumed ghost tours in Warwick and Coventry. Here you are going on a journey with your costume tour guide, who will lead you through some of the most haunted streets and tell you tales of the dead.
  • Fantom Expression evenings are also being launched in 2017 where you will get the chance to meet a medium, psychic etc and have a one to one meeting with them. Also on the flipside of this, we are organising new Fantom Expression Suppers where you will be able to wine and dine with our mediums, psychics, tarot readers, spirit sensitives.
  • Our newest introduction will be haunted house parties where you will be able to book a party, see how some of the paranormal equipment works, buy gifts for yourself or for loved ones and you will also be able to book a Medium, Tarot Reader or Psychic for the evening.
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Tele: 0844 334 6660